Since its foundation in 2007, the Spanish Thematic Network FuegoRED has been periodically organizing its conference dedicated to the effects of forest fires on soil. These meetings have gathered scientists and managers from different countries who focus their efforts on a better understanding of the dynamics and impacts of fire. Therefore, the direct interaction of these actors has enabled the generation of valuable information on the effects of forest fires on soils, develop measures to protect and manage ecosystems prone to fires, and provide guidance to managers to improve post-fire management. However, with the well-known COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to suspend our face-to-face conferences. This year we resume this event outside of digital. 

The X FuegoRED 2022 International Congress will be held for the first time in Évora (Portugal), from the 19th to the 21st of October 2022. Organized in collaboration with the research centers MED, ICT and HERCULES Laboratory of the University of Évora, the FuegoRED 2022 congress will be focused on “Fire as a disruptor/regulator of the different ecosystem services”. Special attention will be given to the negative and positive effects of fire on the different ecosystem services. This congress will involve experts in forest fires, including scientists, students, managers, and beneficiaries of ecosystem services affected by wildfires. 

The Conference Program comprises three full working days combining field visits with scientific and technical discussions on the effects of forest fires on different ecosystem services. In addition, the implementation of new pre- and post-fire management practices will be discussed during the conference and field trips. On the last day (21st of October), a debate on forest fires in future climate change scenarios will take place. In addition, to encourage the participation of young researchers, there will be a training course on the use of different tools to assess the impact of forest fires on soils, biomass, and the atmosphere. 

We hereby invite you to participate in the X FuegoRED International Conference 2022 in Évora (Portugal). 

FuegoRED 2022 Organization Team 


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